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Shandong's high-quality products shine brightly, making a grand appearance, as they gather in Beijing to kick off the initiative "Towards an Elevated Shandong."


"Shandong's intelligent manufacturing is truly remarkable!" "Cutting-edge technology emerges endlessly!" "A refreshing experience that opens up an 'Elevated Shandong'!" On November 10th, at the "Hospitality Shandong, Quality Shandong" 2023 Beijing promotion event's "Modern Manufacturing" exhibition area, the explanation of the operation of China's first offshore satellite launch engineering ship drew admiration from the on-site audience.

Good people, good land, and good products. Shandong's well-established and robust manufacturing system, with high-end equipment as the cornerstone of the real economy, supports the backbone of an advanced manufacturing powerhouse. During this promotional event, Shandong's "national heavyweights" took center stage. Indoors, the world's largest and most fully functional roaming aquaculture platform "Guoxin 1" and the globally first 52.28% thermal efficiency diesel engine showcased a high level of technology. Outdoors, "Shandong-made" products like China's first snow wax car with complete independent intellectual property rights and the super-low aerodynamic drag, super-high thermal efficiency China National Heavy Duty Truck Yellow River X7 were displayed in a row. The precision of "Shandong Intelligent Manufacturing" showcases the vibrant vitality of Shandong's high-quality development.

Amidst the blue waves of Daiqing Lake, the profound cultural charm of "lush and rich in culture" is evident in Shandong's skillfully crafted products. Exquisite clock art created through the collision of rosewood and machinery, the grand Zibo ceramics fired in kilns for centuries, and the fashionable revival of Chinese hairpins in a contemporary style are just a few examples. Numerous outstanding products from "Shandong Craftsmanship" were showcased in the cultural "Dual Creation" achievements area, attracting visitors to stop and appreciate. In recent years, Shandong has cultivated a rich cultural soil, creating new benchmarks for cultural "Dual Creation." The exhibition area displayed achievements such as the Nishan World Civilization Forum and the "Shandong Cultural Heritage" project, inviting visitors to witness the exploration process of Shandong's cultural "Dual Creation" over the past decade.

Stepping into the "Rural Revitalization, Qilu Model" high-quality and distinctive agricultural products exhibition area, one can see the huge screen of Pingyin Rose Industry Big Data Center, which real-time records and monitors the unit price and transaction weight of every flower transaction. In recent years, Shandong has vigorously promoted the deep integration of digital, informational, and intelligent technologies with agricultural and rural development, enriching application scenarios and making traditional agriculture smarter and more intelligent.

Choose to face the boundless sea, sit on a "yacht" to experience the pleasure of going out to sea, or wait quietly in front of the transcendent building to check in for the "lighting," feeling the charm of the lake and the sound of springs. In the "Hospitality Shandong" boutique cultural and tourism exhibition area, visitors use VR, AR, and other digital means to immerse themselves in a new dimension of Shandong's cultural and tourism landscape, truly achieving a "change of scenery with every step."

Even the Lu Ban lock, which has gained international recognition and has been "taken to the heavens," is featured in the "Quality and Beautiful Products" exhibition area of this promotional event. "The Lu Ban lock may seem simple but embodies extraordinary wisdom," says Li Hao, founder of Tengzhou Luban Tiangong Wood Art Co., Ltd. and representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage Lu Ban lock. The Lu Ban lock is one of the representatives of "Shandong Craftsmanship," and every handcrafted piece is inseparable from the ingenuity of inheritance and the efforts of generations.

Hospitality is genuine, and quality is the hallmark. Good products from Shandong are present in everyday meals and in "smart" products. The "Quality and Beautiful Products" exhibition area showcases representative products of "Good Products from Shandong," including Zhaniao winter dates from Zhanhua, Zhangyu wine, Weixian radishes, Rushan oysters, and more "life-good products." It also includes "smart" consumer products such as intelligent printing equipment and robots, offering a comprehensive "Shandong choice" for opening up a pathway to a beautiful life. During the event, visitors can use the Good Products Shandong LePai Mall and Qilu Agricultural Supermarket—Shandong Agricultural and Sideline Products Display and Trading Platform to scan and order their favorite products, bringing home the "Good Products from Shandong."

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