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China-Russia Cultural Exchange: Experiencing Pastries and Intangible Cultural Heritages




On Feb. 6th, 2024, a China-Russia online cultural exchange was conducted successfully. Jointly sponsored by Yangxin County Party Committee Publicity Department and Boxing County Party Committee Publicity Department, the event invited the children from “ECOTEH”, a public school in Russia. The cultural exchange was conducted to improve the friendship and understanding between Chinese and Russians by demonstrating and experiencing traditional pastries and intangible cultural heritages.


At the very beginning, Yangxin County Party Committee Publicity Department invited Ms. Liu Xiuhua, a pastry cook from Xincheng Subdistrict, to show and instruct the Russian children how to make Bubugao Pastry, a traditional Chinese pastry. Processed with flour and red dates, each layer is made of petal-shaped parts to shape a “tower”. The pastry not only has an appealing appearance, but also indicates the good wishes of happy life and good fortune. The production process was vivid and interesting because of Ms. Liu’s exquisite skills, making the Russian children have keen interests to make the pastry with their own hands.


Afterwards, Boxing County Party Committee Publicity Department brought wonderful shows of intangible cultural heritages as well. Mr. Shao Qiang, director of the department office, and Ms. Lian Xinmei, an officer from the News Section, introduced local fabric dolls to the Russian children, and they explained the profound cultural connotations and symbolic significances of the dolls in detail. The unique production techniques and rich story backgrounds of the dolls aroused the tremendous interests of the Russian children. They said that they were deeply impressed by these artworks with rich traditional Chinese culture.

After the event, the Russian children said that the cultural exchange made them feel the distinctive charms of diverse cultures and made them cherish and respect the cultural diversities as well.

The online China-Russia cultural exchange is not only one cultural activity, but also a communication of souls. We look forward to more cultural exchanges like this in the future.

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